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bomba circus trio


Bomba! is a modern comic circus show, the creation of three Israeli circus artists, Amit, Noam & Yaron.

With no words, they’re pushing the modern circus to a different place, playful & joyful, while making a great homage to the vintage silent movies slapstick routines.

The charismatic leader who can't really do anything by himself,

The clown who goes wild and gets into trouble but always wins the sympathy of the audience,

And the elegant negotiator that is stuck between them.

With a lot of companionship, and through a way with an endless amount of problems, they’re fighting to find new ways to circus, while failing in their easiest tasks along the way.

They give a humoristic wink in their juggling and acrobatics with a new style of manipulation with different unusual objects.

The theatrical research gives a new “white face-august-contra-august” relationship view of the modern era.

Bomba is a show that takes the circus clowns into the main stage for a full performance of laughter and friendship.


נגן וידאו אודות מופע קרקס בומבה - פרומו



2023 past dates-


28.1 Shabazi Circus winter program, Ein Shemer, israel


21.1 Israeli Circus School winter program, Kfar Yehoshua, Israel


5-7.1 Sapir Juggling Festival, Israel


2022 past dates:


25.12 Kiryat Ekron, Israel


24.12 Be’er Sheva, Israel


22.12 Street Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel


21.12 Yotze La’or Festival, Kalya, Israel


20.12 Hanukkah Celebrations, Maor, Israel


10.12 Shabazi Circus winter program, Ein Shemer, israel


11-12.10 Winter Street Fest, Jerusalem, Israel


11-13.10 Sparks Festival, Modi’in, Israel


27-29.9 J-fest, Juggling Festival, Antalya, Turkey


22.9 White Night Fest, Emek Hefer, Israel


2.9 Ra’anana, Israel


1.9 Dimona, Israel


18.8 Hot Air Balloon Festival, Gilboa, Israel


17.8 Kiryat Shmona, Israel


17.7 Ashdot Yaacov, Israel


14.7 Kids Festival, Jerusalem, Israel


7.7 Dance Festival, Karmiel, Israel


5-7.7 Ladino Music Festival, Safed, Israel


4.7 Zofim, Israel


29.6 Nesher, Israel


27.6 Be’er Sheva, Israel


24.6 Tel Mond, Israel


9.6 Street fest, Jerusalem, Israel


5.6 Shavuot Fest, Ganot, Israel


29.5 Jerusalem day fest, Safed, Israel


20.5 Workers day fair, Yamit 2000, Israel


19.5 Lod, Israel


19.5 Dimona, Israel


15.5 Fire fair, Rishon Lezion, Israel


10.5 Medicine students fest, Jerusalem, Israel


4.5 Elyachin, Israel


20.4 Israeli Juggling Convention


24.3 Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel


18.3 Kiryat Tivon, Israel


16.3 Karmiel, Israel


15.3 Kiryat ata, Israel


2021 past dates:


16-18.12 Sapir Juggling Festival, Israel


stage: 6X6 meters flat hard stage

Height: 5 meters

Venue: Indoor or Outdoor(2 show versions) 

Contact us

WhatsApp & Phone
+972 054 523 6068 Yaron

לוגו של מפעל הפיס

The show was produced with the assistance of the Lottery Council for Culture and Art